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10 Ideas to Exercise Your #HustleMuscle

This post goes out to a twitter colleague (is that a real thing?), Scott Balster.

Scott’s twitter feed first stood out to me because he was busy giving away ideas. Another thing that stood out to me was that he was going against the grain in the way he was connecting with others. Instead of spending (wasting) time setting up contact forms or landing pages, he was simply asking people to contact him if they wanted a copy of his ideas (this stood out to me because of my background setting up landing pages for clients).

NOT Scott Balster
Not Scott Balster

Not only did this save him time and mental brainpower, it seemed to me that it would make any contacts more personable whether they asked for his email, DM’d, or whatever.


Scott recently asked me to contribute some ideas that folks could use to earn income on the side. He’s got this cool project going called, #HustleMuscle 10 x $1,000 Challenge.

It’s all about getting 10 income streams to each earn $1,000/month. It’s a challenge he’s taking on himself, and he’s inviting others to take the journey beside him (imagine, just 100 people succeeding — that’s a million bucks).

This challenge appeals to me on at least two levels.

First, it’s a focus away from traditional employment. Remember, everyone who can be fired, will be fired. this challenge helps a person to ‘dig the well before they’re thirsty;’ or else get to digging if their pink slip has already arrived.

Next, he breaks down larger goals into smaller chunks. This makes his challenges believable and doable for just about anyone.

Above this, Scott appears to avoid the temptation to veer away from his goals— a challenge I find myself battling often.

Best of luck to you, Scott! Here’s my list of 10 (plus) ideas for earning extra income. I hope they bring value to you and your #HustleMuscle participants.

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  1. Start a podcast, sell advertising
  2. Start a fee-based community
  3. Start a mastermind group
  4. Start an association
  5. Find local artists and craftsmen; list their stuff on your own online gallery or Etsy.com
  6. Make gluten free products, sell via subscription and deliver each week
  7. Create a Udemy course around something you know
  8. Create Udemy courses around other people’s books or blogs and split the revenue with the authors.
  9. Write a book and sell it
  10. Sell a webinar around what you know

    Here are a few more…

  11. Start a coaching or consulting service
  12. Learn an online email management software service and become a virtual assistant (or align VAs with online business owners)
  13. Learn how to crowdfund and offer services to others (or fund your own projects)


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