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10 Things That Motivate Me As a Self-Enterpriser

flickr_motivation_Steven DepoloElena Herdieckerhoff (learn more about her, here. Tweet to her, here) seems to have taken a particular interest in my business.

She asked me to tell her what motivated me about my business. At least that’s the way I took it. It LOOKS like she asked over 1,900 people via her twitter feed. But I’m pretty certain she just didn’t want to appear to single me out. So she asked everyone.

Thanks, Elena. It was nice of you to put so much thought into your request.

Anyhow, here’s a fairly inclusive list of the things that motivate me as a Self-Enterpriser. I think I’ll keep this list handy for those days when I just can’t seem to get started.

Oh, be sure to tell me what motivates YOU in the comments (at Facebook).

  1. I love the idea of business as art, or self-expression.
  2. I love sharing information and experiences that might be valuable to others (including inciting laughter).
  3. Small business is an institution that teaches Life Principles. I must share the goodness.
  4. Everyone who can be fired will be fired. I want to ensure people know there are (enjoyable) alternatives to employment.
  5. Helping others to stay on track is the most effective way to keep myself on track.
  6. Learning how I function thru running my own business is cheaper than therapy (note: This isn’t true. Therapy is cheaper).
  7. I love freedom. As a person learns to better own a business, they learn to better own herself/himself. Owning oneself means personal freedom. Personal freedom inspires personal responsibility. Personal responsibility equates to freedom; for a community, city, state, nation, world.
  8. It makes me happy to be a Journey Betterer. I hope my work can make the journeys of others more enjoyable.
  9. I love ideas and seeing them go from mind to reality; whether they are my own or others’. The business I’m building gets me around such ideas and people all the time.
  10. We are all creators by nature. I get to remind others and myself of this, and offer some next steps and an outside perspective to those who want them.
    I couldn’t stop at ten so here are a few more…


  11. Typically, I don’t enjoy small talk. I love to be around others who are creating and sharing as they explore life internally and externally.
  12. So many in the mainstream world of business are focusing on the home run (makes sense; that’s what the VCs are looking for, so, it’s advertised, written about, shows are produced around it). I don’t believe we’re going to change the world for the better with a handful of home run hitter companies earning a gagillion dollars. Instead, I believe we’re going to improve the world with people who are self-reliant, earning enough to meet the needs of themselves and their families (and perhaps a bit extra) while doing something they really enjoy. These are the Self-Enterprisers.
  13. I find that I have to live life as a series of mini-adventures. My business gives me a foundation for adventures whenever I turn to it (like writing this list).
  14. My own business gives me a platform to apply the things I learn from books (both fiction and nonfiction), people, experiences, and higher inspiration while giving me that much more reason to continue learning (tho, this can be a snare of procrastination, so I must be careful, here. All learning and no doing, well… I don’t need to expand. I need to move onto the next item on the list).
  15. While business can feed my EADD (Entrepreneurial Attention Deficit What Were We Talking About), it can also serve as a structure to help me stay on track.
  16. Running my own business (and all that comes with it) gives me a source from which to teach my children.
  17. I’ve been around “gurus” enough to become a bit cynical. My business gives me place to be a bit of an anti-guru, an anti-hero, regular guy. A nothing-to-prove friend who’s on the same journey as everyone else.

What moves you to be in (or want to be in) the business of being yourself?

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