How to GET STARTED as a Virtual Assistant

How to GET STARTED as a Virtual Assistant

ListRiff Challenge Episode #6

Featuring: Elena Herdieckerhoff of entreprincess.com.

We took a common business problem and came up with 20 ideas to try and solve it.

ListRiff ChallengeList of ideas:


  1. Talk to 5 VA’s and see how they started their business
  2. Identify your core strengths & skills and your target market so you can create your niche market
  3. Join FB Groups wih other VA’s to learn & network
  4. Ask more established VA’s if you can support them with your expertise
  5. Offer 10 FREE discovery sessions to your ideal clients (in FB Groups) and have a low priced starter package to offer at the end
  6. Create a basic (!) website, FB and Twitter to establish your presence
  7. Create a lead magnet that solves you ideal clients main issue
  8. Help people who struggle with the problems you are good at in FB Group
  9. Have a small FB ad budget that you drive to your opt-in
  10. Provide great and personal content to your leads once they opted in and invite them to a call and sell your starter pack to get some testimonials going.



  1. Start with ONE skill and ONE client who gets a low hourly rate while you learn other stuff that they need.
  2. Ask if you can learn a skill at a low price using someone else’s systems (I did this w/Infusionsoft).
  3. Do a fantastic job!
  4. After doing a fantastic job, ask for referrals.
  5. Come up with a marketing plan (ListRiff this).
  6. Find anyone and everyone who is having issues within your area of expertise and offer them advice.
  7. Learn a new skill each month.
  8. Ask others how they got started.
  9. Be a fill-in when others drop the ball.
  10. ^^ Let people know you can do rush jobs to get people out of a situation on FB promo days.


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