No cash to hire help? Here’s what to do…

No cash to hire help? Here’s what to do…

ListRiff Challenge Episode #8

Featuring: Alyse Steel of

We took a common business problem and came up with 20 ideas to try and solve it.

ListRiff ChallengeList of ideas:


  1. trade
  2. high school student/intern
  3. pay with a meal/beer
  4. learn how to do it yourself
  5. skip it (is it important?)
  6. money jar (save up for it)
  7. scale down
  8. win the lottery
  9. pan handle
  10. crowd fund
  11. get another job/side hustle to pay
  12. get a loan that you WILL pay back


  1. Put you kids to work (says the guy with six kids).
  2. Ask for volunteers.
  3. Focus on your MVP until you’re making some money.
  4. Trade your services for time.
  5. Trade some coaching/consulting for time (stuff you know how to do, but that’s not your biz).
  6. Trade for promoting the other person.
  7. Make some money!
  8. Outsource to another country 9
  9. Find someone who wants to be a VA, but doesn’t have many skills.
  10. Share a VA’s services


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