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Go easy

For some reason most of us tend to come down really hard on ourselves regarding results (and sometimes the lack thereof, in my case) of past efforts (or lack thereof, in my case).

We hear things like, “Don’t be so hard on yourself,” or, “At least you were out there doing something.” These are good maxims that should be adhered to, but still we hang our head. I know. It took me years (of over thinking things) to start to begin to lift my noggin again.

Someone gave me advice like what I’m about to share with you. For the first time I recognized a trait that is very common for those who are both prosperous in their endeavors and happy with themselves.

Here is the advice: 

Be gentle on yourself regarding results.

Actually, it may have just been, “Be gentle on yourself.” Something like that. Anyway, simply make the best decisions you can. Then take what you feel is the best action. Know that many of these decisions and actions will probably not turn out to be the best. But they will move you forward and lead you to other decisions and actions (but only if you’re easy on yourself).

The process repeats with new decisions and actions: These may not be the best either, but will continue to bring new experiences into your life.

Go easy.

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