By registering, subscribing, or participating in SelfEnterpriser Groups in any way, User agrees to the Terms of Service, below:

General Description:

SelfEntepriser Groups is a private Community* where SelfEnterprisers are able to seek personal accountability to themselves or to project goals, track and comment on their actions, and come together with others for various camaraderie such as getting input concerning ideas, seeking solutions, considering friendship, etc.  SelfEnterpriser Groups has been established by SelfEnterpriser (a project of Applied Prosperity, LLC).


1. Changes

This agreement is subject to change with notice via posting within the Community and at the website SelfEnterpriser reserves the right to refuse or deny service to any person in its sole discretion.

2. This Community is private*

Users agree to never invite others into the Community without permission of SelfEnterpriser.

Users of this Community agree to keep new and widely unavailable information gained from other Users of the Community, including from online or telephone communications, to themselves; there will be no publishing, posting, or sharing of private information without written permission of the owner of such information for three years from the time any information is first disclosed or shared within the group (at any group level within SelfEnterpriser Groups). Also, Users agree to NEVER disclose any personal information about other Users, including names of members as being associated with the Community, to those outside of the group without written permission of the affected individual.

*Note concerning privacy: Staff, contractors, approved volunteers of SelfEnterpriser or Applied Prosperity may access SelfEnterpriser forums, communities, group calls, or any other group communications at any time. Names and information that is not anonymous will not be published, shared, or otherwise released by Applied Prosperity or it's agents without obvious permission from the affected person or persons; EXCEPTION: If Applied Prosperity or its agents in their unprofessional opinion(s) fear for the health or safety of one or more individuals.

3. Causes for Revocation

Users agree to be cordial to one another (even in matters of disagreement). Comments perceived as abusive will be deleted; continued perceived abuse will result in expulsion from the group and no refund will be offered or presented. SelfEnterpriser and Applied Prosperity, LLC or their staff, agents, or volunteers may remove or revoke membership to this group at any time for any reason where it is felt the group would be better served without the membership of that individual; refunds will not be offered or presented for the current month of revocation, and may be prorated using a month-by-month billing calculation regardless of the method by which the affected member subscribed to the service.

Users agree to ask for help from SelfEnterpriser ( if the User has questions or is uncomfortable about something within the group or service; realizing agents of Applied Prosperity may or may not be able to help. Applied Prosperity or its agents will seek to address any issues.

4. Registration and Refunds

Sorry, no refunds: Our marketing efforts and Users' experiences depend upon the commitments of each User. As such, if a User makes a commitment to attend by registering and then abandons the Service or is inactive, a User space may no longer be available to adequately market in order to fill such space; as well the value of the Service may be negatively affected. In addition, by the nature of the service provided, results will vary by the efforts, activity levels, competence, and abilities of any given individual even if service has been provided. For these purposes it is the policy of SelfEnterpriser and Applied Prosperity is to issue no refunds.

SelfEnterpriser Groups Terms of Service

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